Glatt. Your Partner for process and plant engineering offering technology from a single source.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik plans, designs, and implements international projects, from the expansion or modernization of existing production sites to the new construction of an entire plant. In such activities, we combine professional engineering with in-depth technology expertise. We accompany our customers from the initial idea through the consultation stage at the time of process and general planning, all the way to start-up of turn-key production.

The projects focus on both processes involving particle design and particle engineering for the development, optimization, functionalization, and production of bulk materials, such as powders, granulates, and pellets for food, animal feed, and the chemicals and fine chemicals sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

Depending on requirements, our modular services mean we can function alongside our customers either as planner in specific project phases or as primary planner or general contractor.
We integrate customer technologies or pioneering Glatt technologies. Or, we supplement customers' process know-how by the procurement of licenses of international partners.

As a traditional developer of technological plants and an experienced plant manufacturer, we bundle our expertise together in our unique, integrated service concept: Sustainable process and plant planning, adapted to the specific technological requirements of our customers. We provide comprehensive advice and reliable product management. Worldwide!


With our expertise in the field of process and plant planning, we develop and optimize processes for the production of:

  • powders, granulates, and pellets for fertilizer, detergents, pesticides, food and animal feed, industrial salts, paints and coatings, ceramics, catalysts, and many more besides
  • pharmaceutical and biotechnological products such as tablets, pills, capsules, injection and infusion solutions, drops and juices, salves, vaccines, insulin, blood plasma products, biosimilars, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), amongst others

Benefit from tailored solutions!