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Plant expertise with in-depth technology know-how

Glatt is your engineering and technology partner with more than 60 years of process expertise. We accompany you from the initial idea through the consultation stage at the time of process and general planning, all the way to start-up of turn-key production.

In our state-of-the-art technology centers, we adapt our process to your site-specific requirements and specifications. We develop formulas according to your product requirements and optimize them based on the available sewage sludge ash.

All of our planning concepts and services have one thing in common: They are tailored to your individual requirements and implemented accurately and efficiently for you.


Technology at the focus

Glatt plans, designs, and implements international projects, from the expansion or modernization of existing production sites to the new construction of an entire plant. In such activities, we combine professional engineering with in-depth technology expertise. With all-around support and reliable project management, we accompany our customers from the initial idea through the consultation stage at the time of process and general planning, all the way to start-up of turnkey production.

We provide you with a finished concept, optimized for the conditions of the raw materials used and for the parameter specifications for the final product. We design the process and equipment in a detailed and targeted manner according to your specific wishes, adapted to your requirements regarding throughput, capacity and recipe. The conditions of the site are considered as well as the requirements for minimizing emissions in the air.

You can benefit from our many years of experience in process optimization!

PHOS4green - particle design and particle engineering
Particle design and particle engineering at our Technology Center in Weimar.


Construction of production facilities including training & education

As a traditional developer of technological plants and an experienced machine-builder, we bundle our expertise together in our unique service concept: Sustainable process and plant planning, adapted to the specific technological requirements of our customers. Worldwide!

So we are your one-stop shop for all of the necessary technology for the manufacturing process and the process expertise. Our experienced project management team coordinates not only the planning process for your plant, but also the assembly and commissioning as well as the training of the operating staff.

Benefit from quality, turn-key solutions from one source!

PHOS4green - Our combined strengths are what make us unique!
Our combined strengths are what make us unique!


at mono-incineration plants with innovative heat and material flow coupling

When new solutions are integrated into existing locations, optimum interface and capacity planning achieves the maximum synergy effect.

Use waste heat and avoid environmentally unfriendly material transport by recycling the accumulating phosphate ash from mono-incineration plants.

Improve your ecological scorecard!

PHOS4green - synergy effects
Clever and sustainable: maximum synergy effects through the use of waste heat at the site


Service through our cooperation partners with existing sales network

Upon request, we can put you in touch with cooperation partners who have an excellent sales network for your products.

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